Explore and discover the history of bricks and tiles

Reel-out the background of straightening Keelung River Unfold an extraordinary journey from the past to the present
When strolls over to Hotel Indigo Taipei North, a building surrounded by mountains and river while displaying its perfect design in integration of bricks and river. You may feel an immediate immersion into a magnificent wonder displayed in the form of a tortuous river. Three hundred years ago, as the river was filled up with soil, the vibrant ferry boat owners and Sanjiaodu fisheries gradually faded into obscurity. The area was utilized for duck-raising and farming in the past now has transformed into waterfront mansions; river boats (sampan) and coal industries have now emerged as dragon boat competition during the festival; houses with black tiles and red bricks now have been replaced with skyscrapers and department stores. The evolving trend of Dazhi that goes along with the winding river shall be represented by Hotel Indigo Taipei North.

A piece of brick, delivers countless stories Looking into the past, striving for the future
Delving deep into the history of the Keelung River, Dazhi’s residents have survived through farming, fishing, and hunting. The river boat culture and the red bricks origin have enriched Dazhi, allowing the diachronous birth of Hotel Indigo Taipei North, a perfect place to cultivate inspiration and to experience abundant life.

T.R printed, addressing the origin of the capital – Taipei

A century ago, standing at Keelung riverside, overviewing the sight of smoke-filled air from chimneys of brick kiln factories in the area surrounding Dazhi Bridge. Ever since the time of Japanese Occupation, Dazhi has been recognized as the gathering place for numerous brick kiln factories. As brick kiln masters pick up every piece of meticulously crafted bricks, branded with the T.R logo (T.R represents “Taiwan Renga”—quality bricks that are produced by Taiwan Renga Stock Corporation), the entire process serves as a reminder of the changes and glorious past of Dazhi. Inheriting the spirit of persistence from the kiln masters, Hotel Indigo Taipei North sparing no effort for five years with a careful selection of 520,000 handmade bricks, methodically constructed a building which overlooks Dazhi in its entirety. Bring a new aspect of the hotel construction, through its stylized design, historical concepts and beautiful paintings, reappears once again in the hotel spaces, completely imprinted Dazhi’s wonderful past.

Ease into the ferry terminus, meet up in the hometown of bricks
Walking into Hotel Indigo Taipei North, from the lobby, lounge bar, and outdoor dining area to finally back to the guest room, as if it is a boat journeying through the sinuous Keelung River. Ferries are docking at the shore where all the rivers and streams converge. Reflecting the clear blue sky accompanied with the golden color of the sunset, perfectly echoes the shadows of an individual. It is waiting for travelers to explore every exciting journey.

A dining space adopting T.R as the central design concept– T.R Bar & Kitchen
Awaiting travelers to discover the amazing riverside

Boat journey concludes with the arrival to the colorful and magical T.R Bar & Kitchen, embellished by the fishing lights and the vessel structure ideas. The dining area allows you to feel like you have entered the opulent festival by the Keelung Riverside. Sailors are helping in the formulation of tempting foods, offering all guests the deliciousness of the “Dragon Boat Meal” with warm hospitality, allowing for the deliverance of “Dragon’s Fate,” and acquiring the feeling of “Dragon’s Blessing.” For every cherished guest that have made their way to T.R Bar & Kitchen, are not only to enjoy the delightful taste in various dishes, but to experience the dedication that each plate brings.

Serene motion of the paddles: An unadulterated showcase of the tranquil fishing lifestyle of the boat owners

As boats swayed back-and-forth along the waves on the surface of the river, paddles shuttling through the snaking waters, ripples emerge as the reflection can be clearly viewed. The lack of houses alongside the shore with the crystal water, attracted a plethora of fishermen to reside here. Most residents utilized the wetlands to raise ducks or shellfish, and they have created business miracle. Keelung River provides a reflection of the vitality and memory of the locals.

Impressive craftsmanship of the thousand years dragon boat Exquisite presentation of modern construction Elegant keel craftsmanship for five generations

Over the past thousand years, the majority of dragon boat competition has been held by the public as a large-scale festival event. Until now, the event is still very much anticipated every year along the riverside of Dazhi. Stepping foot into Hotel Indigo Taipei North, travelers will see the wooden keel structure extending upward in the lobby, perfect replication of the Dragon Boat body in the banquet area, as well as the vibrant dragon-themed paintings on the interior walls of every guest room. Every piece of artwork and design is rooted from the spirit of the dragon boat craftsmanship demonstrated by our renowned artist, Master A-Cheng, who has insisted on carefully handcrafting every detail of the dragon boat for years. As guests enter our hotel, they will undoubtedly be fascinated and amazed with the design, witness this artistic magnificence of the dragon boat.

Reaching to the top of the mountains Perceive the splendid Dazhi, over the past hundred years

Following the dancing butterflies, as visitors walk into the Jiannan Butterfly Ecological Park, they will not only be able to acquire a close-up of the butterflies, also able to experience the changing of all things, in addition to enjoy the liveliness that Mother Nature brings. In the past, the park was a protected forest under strict military supervision. Now, it is the first ecological park that breeds over a hundred species of butterflies. Leisurely ramble through “Jinmian Mountain,” which was once the location of the city walls in old Taipei, ancient chisel marks on the rocks along the mountainside, it was made by residers who worked for quarrying and gold rushing, it is proofing the traces of the livelihood in the past. In the present-day, civilians travel atop the mountain to acquire a bird-eye’s view of the city, rediscovering the close connection between the history of Dazhi and nature, even illustrates the marvelous Dazhi.

Walking into Hotel Indigo Taipei North, you will notice calm and glistening river, exciting and exquisite humanistic traces, in addition to the inspirational experience that we want to pass onto our dearest guests through the unique and astonishing hotel construct—"We are building our dreams with unwavering strength as our bricks were handcrafted one by one.”