Miramar Ferris Wheel 3 mins Walk

Hotel Indigo Taipei North is located in the core city area of Taipei, with 3 mins walk to Miramar Ferris Wheel, department stores, movie theater, and Michelin restaurants.

Jiannan Butterfly Hiking Trail 5 mins Walk

Jiannan Butterfly Hiking Trail is only 5 mins walk from the hotel. It used to be a military-preserved forest, rich in natural ecology and breeds more than 150 species of butterflies. Definitely an treasure place for butterfly experts.

Zhifu Temple 5 mins Drive

The long-established Zhifu Temple is Dazhi residents' religious center, and it is also one of the renowned tourist destinations.

Jinmianshan Hiking Trail 10mins Drive

Visit the amazing local attraction—Jiannan Mountain to overlooking the splendid Taipei City view. Which was once the location of the city walls in old Taipei, it is well known for sun shine upon quartz rock.

National Palace Museum 10mins Drive

The marvelous Palace Museum is one of the eight scenic spots in Taiwan. It has collections of invaluable Chinese art, covering almost 5,000 years of Chinese history, and is also known as the "Treasure of Chinese Culture".

Taipei Martyrs’ Shrine 10mins Drive

Built in 1969, the exterior imitates the Taihe Hall in the Forbidden City. The changing guards ceremony is often featured by tourists, it is interesting to see the soldiers march.